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Neighbors Helping Neighbors Campaign

Christmas in Action Proudly Presents the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” Campaign

Do you have an elderly neighbor, or a disabled neighbor or a friend that is a veteran?

“Neighbors Helping Neighbors” Campaign


A Christmas in Action Neighborhood & Partner Committee Initiative


As we continue to travel and learn in the uncertainty of COVID-19, please remember that seniors, our disabled and veteran community are also feeling the effects of our current health situation.  While many of us have been able to successfully switch to the virtual environment and socialization, while our aging seniors, disabled and veterans are not as technically savvy.


Many of their activities have been cancelled, postponed or have gone virtual.  The Senior Zone, church gatherings, and family outings, senior, disabled and veterans are just doing well during this time.  Aging in place is challenging for seniors but add to it a global virus and the anxious becomes much worse.


“Neighbors Helping Neighbors” is an initiative that can make a difference large or small.  Do you live in a neighborhood with seniors, disabled and or a veteran homeowner?  Please take a look at the above items.  Take the time to show you care and  lend a hand by using one of our 10 check list items to make a difference in someone’s day.  The life you change just might be your own.


10 Ways to Show You Care

  • Make a call to senior, disabled or veteran family member to check in and just to say Hello!!!
  • Make simple home repairs to make them feel safer, warmer and be able to live independently
  • Offer to take garbage can to the curb or bring them back
  • Pick up mail and newspapers and take to front door for them with authorization of course
  • Give them a fan to provide extra cool air during the heat of summer
  • Pick up and drop off medication with authorization of course
  • Consider bringing them masks, coverings, disinfectants, hand sanitizer or other items
  • Help out with lawn maintenance. If you are mowing your lawn. consider doing your neighbors.  It keeps the neighborhood looking good
  • Deliver hot meals, left overs, nonperishable food items and drinks
  • Always consider calling 311 for resources and 911 for medical help.

Our History

Christmas in Action * Wichita County, TX, Inc. is a local nonprofit organization that rehabilitates the homes of low-income elderly, disabled and veteran homeowners, so that they may continue to live warmer, safer and with independence.

Our Mission Statement

In partnership with the community, Christmas in Action rehabilitates the homes of low income elderly, disabled and veteran homeowners so that they may continue to live in warmth, safety and with independence.

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