Program Services

What We Can Do:

To qualified applicants, the following services are provided, depending on the
availability of volunteers:

  • Roof replacement
  • Construction of wheelchair ramps
  • Painting of homes both interior and exterior
  • Installation of grab bars
  • Yard work, trimming trees etc
  • Weatherization of windows and doors
  • Flooring, removal of carpet
  • Emergency plumbing repairs (such as leaks, gas line repairs , water lines, hot water heaters)
  • Minor plumbing work
  • Minor electrical work
  • General Maintenance
  • Minor carpentry repairs

What We Cannot Do, or Must Be Approved By Majority Vote of Christmas In Action Board
(i.e. House Acceptance/Rejection Parameters)

Limited to an existing circuit:
Changing an outlet, changing a light switch, changing a light fixture,
adding a GFI (provided there is a ground wire)
Installing a ceiling fan (provided there was an existing fixture)
Installing a porch light or motion detector lights (provided there are
existing fixtures)

No gas line repairs by volunteers (contract out)
No repairs connected with raw sewage
No adding outside faucets
Water heaters - inoperable or non-existent shall be treated as an urgent
repair. (Notify executive director)
No nice to have things

No foundation repairs due to the high cost beyond our scope of funds and would need to be contracted out.  Liability too high for volunteers.
No chimney repairs
No brickwork

No sidewalks or Driveways, unless for safety reasons such as disability (homeowner in a wheelchair or using a cane)

No major structural work, like adding a wall or adding a carport Carports: attached to house, can be repaired, painted or re-roofed Carports: detached from house, no repairs or painting. Work limited to tearing down and/or removal of debris
Garage door installation: Only at homeowner's expense and skill of volunteers.

Windows can be replaced if the volunteers are experience at installing windows and agree to do them. There is a liability issue with possible asbestos and volunteers must be consenting. Contracting out for windows is beyond our scope of funds. 

Tile - replacement only if existing is chipped, cracked and poses a tripping hazard.
Do not replace if homeowner is tired of color, or just old. Carpet - Only installed if we receive donated carpet, no stretching; can be installed if homeowner has carpet

Siding - Do not remove; can be painted. Damaged or missing can be replaced (do not cut with saw: CinA has tile cutter) Floor tile - Okay to remove, dispose in plastic bags, do not pulverize.

Central heating/Air conditioning - do not make any adjustment to unit Need of Air Conditioner - Board decision Need of Heating - Board decision
Need of stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. - Referral to another agency

Installation only if absence thereof presents a safety hazard

Gross lack thereof may prevent Christmas in Action from working on project
Christmas in April is not in the housecleaning business If house is in deplorable state and requires cleaning before project can be completed,
Inform homeowner to clean and we will reevaluate in two weeks. Otherwise, project will be rejected.

Houses will not be painted just to change the color Only house color will be WHITE, TAN or GRAY. Unless home is already painted yellow, blue etc.. then do your best to try to match the paint color of the house.
Detached garages/carports will not be painted

Contract out, if possible. (See contracting procedures) Replacement only for deteriorated or leaky roofs Replacement not for color change only
Will only be replaced with the best shingles the contractor has in stock.  The contracting company can and will offer sale colored shingles. Shingles Roof will not be replaced by volunteers on houses that exceed 6/12 pitch (as per gauge) Need permit from city
No Fire Restoration - this is due to liability issues for volunteers.

If unsure about anything refer uncertainty to executive director, for board review and decision