House Captain Training
House Captain Orientation
4-1-19 @ 6pm
 new house captains
House Captain Orientation
4-2-19 @ 6pm
House Captain Orientation
4-6-19 @ 10am
new and returning

House Captian Training and Project Selection will take place at the Christmas in Action building located at 1113 Sheppard Access Rd. Wichita Falls, TX 76306!! 

Please contact Christmas in Action with any
questions you may have..
(940) 696-9393!!! 
Project Selection Nite - 4-9-2019
 6 pm Christmas in Action Building
1113 Sheppard Access Rd Wichita Falls, TX 76306 

Things To Do
  • Before House Captain Orientation
  • After House Captain Orientation
  • Project Selection Night
  • After Project Selection
  • Night Before Project Day
  • Project Day
  • After Project Day

Things To Do Before and House Captain Orientation

  • Begin recruiting volunteers. the skills of your team. 
  •  Understand and know the skills required for the project and the skills of your team.

Things To Do Right After House Captain Orientation

  • Continue Recruiting volunteers if needed.
  • Get a commitment of team members and how long they will stay on the job.
  • Find out who has tools and what kind of tools you need and have available.
  • Food - determine how to feed your team, if you are asking for donations ask early. It is best to feed at the site. How about a BBQ, burger/hot dog burn. There is also a list of resturants that donate food for teams included in your packet.

Project Selection Night          4-9-2019 @ 6pm

  • Welcome
  • Be sure to sign everyone in
  • Introductions
  • You were issued one part of a two-part ticket at house captain orientation. The second part is in this pot and will be drawn to determine the order in which the house captains will select his/her project.
  • Material available at:
    • Lowe's
    • Builder's Lumber
    • PPG Pittsburg Paints - 1810 9th St
    • Vic & James for paint (exterior colors have already been picked by the homeowner and marked on the appraisal form.
    • Sutherland's
  • Pick up supplies early
  • Call CIA and set up a time to pick up supplies available in the warehouse. (such as paint rollers, ladders, saws, drop cloths etc.)
  • Volunteers younger that 18 must have waiver signed by parent or legal guardian
  • Return all tools to CIA building
  • All paint you'll be buying is latex and the paint brushes can be cleaned easily with soap and water
  • Return all unopened/unused material to the store where they were purchased for a refund
  • Return all opened material (nails, paint, etc.) to CIA building
  • Fill out your expense voucher and have it signed by the executive director or the president. One voucher per project, (two projects-two vouchers)

Things To Do After Project Selection Night

  • Go by the house as some as possible and visit with the homeowner.
  • Explain to the owner that the work will be accomplished the last Saturday of April or an agreed upon date.
  • Inspect and evaluate the work to be performed.
  • Make sure you only perform what is on the work sheet and explain to the owner that you only can do the specified large work. (If the job is simple it is up to you as a team if you would like to do anything additional.)
  • Make a list of the required items needed to perform the work.
  • Make a list of what tools you will need and check with your team members to see what tools they will be able to bring.
  • Find out what expertise each of your team members has.
  • Assign jobs based on expertise of team.
  • Remember that you are the site manager. It is your job to ensure that everyone is used to the best of their ability. You are not the one performing the work. We suggest that you find someone with a pickup and designate him or her as your "gofer" and or debris hauler.
  • Make sure you can accomplish if possible all of the assigned work. Please do not take on jobs you do not know how to do.  If you are unable to do a task on the sheet please let us know so that we can possibly get someone else to do this project at a later time.
  • Go by the Christmas in Action building and see what is available for you to use. This needs to be done as some as possible because our supplies and equipment are limited.
  • Go to Lowe's, Builders Supply, Sutherland's and pick up building materials that you need. Sorry due to non-compatible billing option between Christmas in Action and Home Depot, we can no longer use Home Depot. Home Depot can be used but reimbursement is our only option at this time.
  • If you are painting, and we have some paint for small jobs but do not have the paint you need in our building, go by Vic & James or PPG Pittsburg Paints and buy your paint. (Paint Only!!) Ensure that it is only the specific color that was identified on the sheet in your project folder.
  • Prepare your team. We have an older video available at the CIA office for certain projects. 
  • Ask an expert at the building supply store (i.e. Lowe's, Sutherland's or Builders Lumber) about the project and make sure you are ready to perform it.
  • If you have Internet access, this is another good source of information.
  • Arrange for lunch. Some local restaurants are willing to donate food for the work teams on Project Day and ask for a receipt. See board members for a letter covering donations. Do this early. Also, ensure you have plenty of water on hand. It is easier to eat at the job site, as some people do not return.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected!

Things To Do Before Project Day

  • Visit the homeowner again.
  • Prioritize the tasks. You do not want people working on top of others.
  • You should have already started to get volunteers.
  • Go over lists of tasks; check the list of material on the appraisal form.
  • Check the number of hours and time indicated on the appraisal form.
  • Mentally go over the tasks.
  • Plan how they might be done.

Things To Do on Project Day  4-27-2019

(Bad weather make up day Saturday May 4th) 
  • Be the first on the site.
  • Talk with the homeowner and explain one more time what you will be doing.
  • Give your team a safety briefing before starting to work. (Ladder, power tools, scraping, painting, etc.) Post all safety signs.
  • Assign all of the team members a job.
  • Do not start a job you cannot complete. If you have to work extra days, and you are not going to be able to do so, then do not start that particular task. Please do not start something you cannot finish or do not know how to do!
  • Make sure there is plenty of water available.
  • Keep on top of all the jobs. When materials are needed, make sure you get them as quickly as possible.
  • Talk with Executive Director about any problems or needs
  • If you have any problems whatsoever, call the Executive Director immediately!
  • For emergencies call 911 first, and then call the Executive Director.
  • Keep a checklist of the projects your team is working on and have the homeowner check them off on the work-accomplished sheet, as they are finished.
  • When you have trash ready for pick-up, call the shop 940-696-9393 to schedule a pick-up. If you have a way of taking the trash to the Transfer Station, then you can use the debris hauling form in your packet. If you have a dumpster, level out the load safely.
  • Cut trees, limbs into manageable lengths, separate trash loads do not mix. If so we have to separate at the Transfer Station. (Hundreds of trash loads have been taken to the transfer station.)
  • Clean up your work site.
  • Contact the Executive Director and tell him/her you are finished. Bring the completed folder with all forms finished and any tools you may have signed out to the CIA office. At that time we will give you the "T" shirts and letters for your team.
  • If you cannot finish, let the Executive Director know when you will be able to complete the job or if you will not be able to finish the job.

After Project Completion

Before issuing T-shirts and Certificates, the following must be returned to Christmas in Action®:

  • All signed out tools and equipment
  • Turn in Project Folder, to include:
    • Expense voucher
    • Volunteer Waiver of Liability (Every volunteer signs; required to get T-shirts)
    • Parental Permission Form (required for any volunteer under age 18)
    • Homeowner's Satisfaction Form (to be completed after all work is done)
    • Project Evaluation (completed and returned to CIA with Project Folder)
    • Team Demographic Sheet (filled in)
    • All Purchase invoices

Thank you Thank you Thank you for your help and interest in helping us put life back into the homes and families of Wichita County!!!